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ProTect has been designed, developed and established by Chris Bowling and Jeff Gear to
acknowledge the need for a comprehensive and efficient dealer support system for certain
residential building products and accessories. Products manufactured by companies who
either lack the resources to sustain or do not recognize the need for such services. Over
the years, Chris and Jeff have built a successful, multi-market, retail home improvement
company that has been able to flourish and expand despite the lack of manufacturer's support in sales and installation training, and marketing for materials that have become
the mainstay of the business. They’ve recognized the industry’s need for such services given the fact that, in difficult times, manufacturers have cut back, done away with, or never developed dealer support programs within their organizations. It seems the days of well-trained, service-oriented manufacturer’s reps are all but over. Most manufacturers have left their retail partners to fend for themselves in the most critical areas of the business...training and marketing support. And so ProTect Home Products was born.

Chris Bowling:
“Drawing on years of experience in the home improvement business and
a successful track record, we’ve put together a Dealer Support Program designed to
bring a unique level of support to small and mid-sized retailers, filling the void left by
the, now absent, Manufacturer’s Rep. Given the scope of our service offering and the fact that we’ve operated successful businesses, all still going concerns, we feel our program
is vastly better than that of most manufacturer’s dealer support programs, especially those who’ve been subbed out to independent product reps.”

In the case of stone coated metal roofing, ProTect Home Products affiliates will
appreciate the fact that the learning curve for adding a totally new product to their retail
offering has been straight-lined. HCI, with three market locations, and the pilot affiliate partner for ProTect Home Products, has been successfully selling and installing a premium stone coated metal roof product for over ten years. They’ve been able to grow their business and expand to other markets, in large part, because they diversified by offering a higher-end product while keeping their mainstay product lines in place. Their proven policies, methods and business practices will be made available to market-exclusive retailers chosen to join the family of ProTect Affiliates.
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-ProTect has combined its experience in the field with the intimate knowledge of Stone Coated Metal Roofing to establish a comprehensive sales training program to benefit the seasoned sales professional as well as those new to residential roofing sales.

ProTect sales support includes:
-In-House Sales Presentation-ProTect offers comprehensivetraining to your salesman from the warm-up to the close.
-Unique Sales Aids-ProTect offers a uniquely designed Demonstration Kit for in home use.
-Installation Training-ProTect uses as many innovative tools to prepare your salesman with the most knowledge to ensure any and all questions can be answered.

Installer training includes:
-Hands on Installation Training-ProTect offers hands on training for your installers at our headquarters on a custom made roof deck so that your installers can build a roof from the underlayments to the completed product.
-Production Manager Training-ProTect has found success in utilizing a production manager and will show you how to build a production manager program in your company to minimize your cost and overhead by minimizing measuring mistakes and ordering errors.
-Customer Service Training-ProTect provides customer service training for installers and all production crew so that the back office runs smoothly and the relationship is maintained with the customer through project completion.

ProTect’s marketing team has extensive and relevant industry knowledge in the in-home retail
industry. ProTect offers their affiliate dealers with strategic marketing planning along with marketing materials that have been used to generate leads for Stone Coated Metal Roofing products.

ProTect is dedicated to providing our affiliate dealers with the most cutting edge products and
services to provide to their retail customers. ProTect has partnered with one of the largest and most
innovative manufacturers in the Stone Coated Roofing industry to restructure and simplify the
ordering and processing of materials. ProTect has also partnered up with the largest distributor in the nation to make logistics more streamlined to ease the process from the initial sale to completion within an acceptable timeline, most times completing the project within 30 days.

ProTect’s technical support team is available to answer questions and assist with product
information and installation support. ProTect offers numerous training programs for our affiliate dealers Suppliers ProTect has partnered with the largest distributor in the nation to make the process of shipping easy even allowing you to stock your “shelves” with Stone-Coated Metal Roofing material without having the need to conduct inventory.

-ProTect will offer exclusive territories to it’s authorized affiliates. Due to the nature of
the manufacturer’s marketing programs, ProTect cannot guarantee a competing dealer will not be able to find access to the same or similar products offered in the ProTect program. However, proprietary information, training, samples and sales aids, bearing the ProTect name, will only be available to one affiliate in any given market.


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