California In Home Sales Jobs

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Home Improvement Sales Jobs in California

There is a stigma associated with sales jobs in every industry. Many people are turned off at the thought of making cold calls or pressuring customers to by something they don’t want or need. Why this may be true for some, there are remote sales jobs out there that don’t involve knocking on doors or making sales calls. Home improvement sales jobs help customers connect with the companies that they need to help make their home beautiful. From Los Angeles to Sacramento, there are outside sales opportunities all across the state of California.


California Outside Sales Jobs

If you are looking for an outside sales position with great potential, the home improvement industry is a great place to forge your career. ProFinder USA works with the largest and most reputable home improvement companies, including replacement contractors, handyman service providers, and residential remodelers. These companies are searching for highly motivated sales representatives to join their team and help connect them with the customers who need their services. Sales representatives are needed all over California in places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Francisco. You will be provided with leads, all you have to do is close the deal.


Become a Home Improvement Design Consultant in California

Being a home improvement sales representative is much more customer focused than your average sales job. It is more about consulting costumers on their design needs, and helping them find the company who can best fit those needs. As an in-home design consultant, you can help customers meet their home improvement needs, whether it’s making their home more energy efficient, or finding the perfect contractor for their home remodel. Customers all across the state of California are looking for home design consultants to help them make their house a home. Here are the current home improvement sales positions available in California: