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The Art of Being Coachable

By Ron Jumper

Ron Jumper

It happens time and time again... You are so focused during the interview process of proving you are the best candidate for the job that you forget to demonstrate something equally as important: Being Coachable.

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Let the Labor Shortage Work for You!

By Rich Begalla

Rich Begalla

There is no better time to pursue a career in construction with the increase in consumer confidence, investment in home remodeling, and high demand for workers. All Articles Read Full Article
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The Apprentice

By Jim Cory

Jim Cory

Who wants to be an electrician? How about a framing carpenter? Raise your hand. If you were standing in front of most high school classes anywhere in the U.S., chances are what you’d see in response to that question would be not so much raised hands as bewildered faces. All Articles Read Full Article
All I Want For Xmas Are Leads

By Tony Hoty

Tony Hoty

We must give consumers some new and relevant information that will help them change their minds about shopping for home improvement at this time of year. Because all I want for Christmas are LEADS!!! All Articles Read Full Article