How To Write A Job Listing


Writing a clear job posting is a vital part of the hiring process. Providing potential candidates with a clear description of the job as well as your organization is extremely beneficial for you as a hiring manager. By providing good information you will maximize your ability to attract top talent and help minimize the number of resumes you receive from under-qualified candidates.

Here are a few tips to help you write a great job posting.

  • Attracting QUALIFIED candidates:
    • We’ve all heard the saying Quality over Quantity and this is the perfect example of what that saying is trying to accomplish. Remember, you’re not looking to get a certain number of applicants. Trust us when we tell you that as the hiring manager you’re in a much better place having 10 qualified candidates instead of 200 resumes of applicants you wouldn’t even consider.
  • Showcase your Organization:
    • One of the valuable benefits of job postings is your ability to put a positive spotlight on your organization. WHY is it a great place to work? WHAT differentiates your company from your competitors. HOW do you provide a rewarding environment for your employees? Be sure that every job posting positions your organization as THE destination for top talent in your industry.

Here’s a SAMPLE job posting to help you craft a concise post or listing:

    • Your headline should always be the specific title of the position. You may also list a specific city and state especially if you have multiple locations.
    • This space, which may be titled Duties or Description, should be used for those purposes. A few sentences about the general responsibilities and duties of the position.
    • Use this space to provide information about your organization.
    • This space is for you to specify skills, level of education and any other requirements of the position. Be sure to list any specific degree, certifications, licenses, etc. that are required.
    • You may use this space to list salary range, benefits packages, bonus structure, vacation / sick-time policy, as well as any other items of note that impact a total compensation package.
    • Be sure your potential candidates know HOW to apply for the position. Examples include a link to a specific online post, an email address if you prefer resumes via email or company name and address if you prefer resumes be mailed or dropped off in person.