Recruiting is an Ongoing Process

Finding and maintaining a strong workforce continues to be one of the most difficult tasks for many companies. The lack of importance placed on many trade positions by the majority of public and private education institutions has made the task increasingly more difficult. Truly skilled workers realize there is a premium now placed on their particular skill-set and rightfully so. So what is a company to do? Rely solely on staffing/recruiting agencies? Hire a team of in-house recruiters? Spend countless hours searching online or thousands upon thousands of dollars on traditional advertising? We've compiled a list of Recruiting Tips to help steer you in the right direction. Although each company is different and thus the recruiting needs of your organization will vary from your competitors we can certainly shed some light on some good practices for ongoing recruiting.

  • Simplify The Process:
    • Many companies, regardless of the position, put applicants through a virtual maze of data entry, double-clicks, registration pages, etc. just to get to an online application. While this is meant to dissuade anyone not truly interested or qualified in the position, it more times than not has the opposite effect: keeping the right candidates from finishing the process. Don't over complicate the online application. Keep it simple.
  • Weed Out Your Candidates:
    • Instead of a wildly confusing online application process, focus on some basic qualification yes-or-no questions right off the bat. Does the candidate have 3+ years’experience? Does the candidate have a high school diploma or equivalent? Does your candidate have a valid drivers’ license? Basic yes or no questions which you can quickly skim through will save you time and ultimately money.
  • Know Where to Cast Your Net:
    • Instead of placing job postings on every conceivable job site or social media outlet, go to where your candidates are. ProFinder USA is an excellent example of where to find qualified candidates. Trust the experts in your field. Experienced recruiters and hiring managers realize the massive time-waste that generic online job sites can be. By posting your job openings to an industry-specific resource you will, without question, save yourself a serious amount of headaches and hassle.

Why spend hours out of EVERY day skimming job sites, emails and social media posts? It makes absolutely ZERO cents. See what we did there. By utilizing resources available to you and your specific industry you will be amazed at how much easier the process can be.