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Your Qualifications Get The Interview, The Little Things Snag The Job

By Ron Jumper

Ron Jumper

You’ve heard it said, “When you know, you know.” While this phrase typically isn’t used in the context of hiring, employers trust their instincts on hiring decisions just as they do when they make other business or even personal decisions.

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Let the Labor Shortage Work for You!

By Rich Begalla

Rich Begalla

There is no better time to pursue a career in construction with the increase in consumer confidence, investment in home remodeling, and high demand for workers. All Articles Read Full Article
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Dream Job

By Jim Cory

Jim Cory

Veteran home improvement salespeople call it “a hard way to make an easy living.” Daily rejection. Night and weekend hours. At what point do you let that mediocre performer go? Or should you? All Articles Read Full Article
All I Want For Xmas Are Leads

By Tony Hoty

Tony Hoty

We must give consumers some new and relevant information that will help them change their minds about shopping for home improvement at this time of year. All Articles Read Full Article