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Home Improvement Sales Jobs in Connecticut

There is often a stigma about sales jobs today. Many think that sales representatives are just telemarketers and door-to-door-salesman. While that may be true for some industries, there are some quality outside sales positions in the home improvement industry that don’t involve these common sales practices. When searching for a sales job, make sure you are asking the right questions. Will you be provided with an existing account list, or will you have to develop a client list yourself? Will you have a base salary, or commission only? What will your territory be, all across Connecticut, or more exclusively in one area like New Haven or Hartford?


Connecticut’s Best Remote Sales Jobs

When you are ready to turn a sales job into a sales career, look no further than the home improvement industry. ProFinder USA works with the largest and most reputable home improvement companies, including replacement contractors, residential remodelers, and handyman service providers. Whether it is in Hartford or New Haven, these companies are searching for quality sales representatives to connect them with customers who are in need of their services. And, you won’t be required to do any kind of cold calling or door-to-door sales. Leads will be provided to you, and all you have to do is close the deal.


Become an In-Home Design Consultant for Homeowners in Connecticut

Successful sales representatives, understand that their job is more than just making a lot of sales. It is also about helping Connecticut homeowners make the right decision for their home. Whether it is providing a handicap accessible product to a senior, or helping someone make their dream remodel a reality, the best sales representatives are really an in-home design consultant for customers. Home improvement outside sales representatives from Hartford to New Haven are helping connect customers with the companies they need to make any home project a success. Here are the current home improvement sales positions available in Connecticut: