Event Marketing: Finding the Proper Venues

By Tony Hoty

There are several easy ways to start finding trade shows and events in your market area. An obvious first step is to log on to the web and utilize search engines like Google to discover upcoming functions that would expose your company to its’ target demographic. Conducting searches for keywords like “local Home Improvement Shows” or “Home & Garden Show Central Pennsylvania” will be certain to produce links to forthcoming expositions for you to explore.

In addition to search engines, there are websites such as EventCrazy.com that exist for the sole purpose of helping tourists and average citizens with finding entertainment in a given area. Fortunately, businesses, vendors, and entrepreneurs can also use these sites to locate viable venues to market their wares. EventCrazy.com and other sites like it, give one the ability to search for events with even greater focus by selecting a date range and narrowing the proximity or distance you are willing to consider. These sites provide detailed information on a variety of functions from large trade shows and major events, to small street fairs and local festivals. In addition, these sites may list concerts, sporting events, as well as any other occasion that is sure to draw a crowd.

Home Improvement Shows and Home & Garden Shows are the most glaring opportunities to consider. The challenge associated with these scenarios will be the overwhelming presence of direct competitors. This can make your lead generation goals more challenging because you will be forced to contend with a large number of other companies in your category. Never the less, the high volume of traffic from consumers who are actively shopping, often make these affairs irresistible. As a result, it is important to examine these opportunities carefully so you do not miss out on a potentially lucrative endeavor.

Perhaps the next most popular venue aside from home shows is the state fair. Many home remodelers elect to exhibit in their local state fair or some other large annual event which draws a major crowd. The incredible volume of foot traffic at these types of functions make it easy to see the potential to engage a large number of people. Although a smaller portion of the attendees will own homes, and even fewer will be actively shopping for improvements, the sheer quantity of people passing through the gates put the odds in your favor.

Over time, Home improvement companies have begun to participate in a much more diversified scope of events. Many progressive companies in the remodeling industry noticed how viable unrelated events could be when they participated in their local state fairs. As a result, an increasing trend to seek out other high traffic venues has continued to gain momentum. Now days, home remodelers are exhibiting in countless types of events including: Golf Expos, Wine Festivals, Gun & Riffle Shows, Car Shows, Bridal Shows, Street Fairs, etc. etc. Many contractors have found that as long as there is a sufficient amount of foot traffic from those in their target market, they are able to make the event worthwhile.

Lastly, there is a new trend growing among the forward thinking entrepreneurs in our industry. These dynamic business owners have seen a major opportunity in creating their own events. They manufacture these events by partnering with local retailers, businesses, churches, schools, Housing Associations, and more. These self-created events provide companies with unique exposure and exclusive leads.