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The Apollo Agency is a Performance Marketing Agency, specializing in national lead generation programs for the home improvement industry. The marketing landscape is evolving and the average marketer is behind the curve. The bar has now been raised to set a new standard in how we invest, track, and optimize each marketing dollar spent.

Here a few items to gauge your marketing sophistication:

-If your organization doesn’t have a defined process in place with checks & balances to ensure each lead is received, sourced, and contacted in real time then you are behind.

-If you don’t have dedicated phone numbers, tracking cookies, and unique landing pages per marketing source with the ability to geo-route by location and integrate with your CRM in real time then you are behind.

-For the national dealer or franchise networks, if you aren’t offering your networks unrivaled support, training, and fixed cost lead programs that actually are “turnkey” and not just rhetoric filled with empty promises then you are behind.
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Example National Lead Programs:

Email Marketing Lead Capture Program
Major media properties and digital entities have been sitting on a “gold mine” and not properly monetizing it, with “it” being their database of customers. These email lists can be marketed to on a cost per lead basis with no additional hard costs to the publisher, creating a “Win-Win” for both the advertiser and publisher.

S.O.I. Email Opt In Program
As print media properties were looking for additional revenue streams, this “aha moment” occurred for publishers. When new customers sign up for an online or print subscription, they are presented with special offers from sponsors during the account set up process. If the user selects that they are interested in an offer and submits their contact info to learn more, then it is considered a “lead” and advertisers are only charged per lead.

Media Cost Per Call Program
The Apollo Agency has assembled a network of hundreds of media affiliates across North America that will allocate unsold inventory to our clients on a cost per call basis. These affiliates are a mix of different types of media properties with local, regional, and national coverage.


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