How To Find A Career Instead Of A Job

By Rich Begalla

Today’s job market is becoming increasingly competitive especially if you are looking for a career rather than just a source of income i.e. “a job.” At the the end of 2016 unemployment hovered around a low of 4.6%, which greatly reduces the available talent in the job pool for growing companies. Consumer confidence is at an all time high since the recession of 2008 and consumers are spending much more of their income.  GDP growth was at 3.2% the end 2016 due to strong consumer spending and companies are more confident and comfortable expanding their businesses, which is increasing the urgency for their hiring needs. With the employee pool at a low and companies hiring needs at an all time high since 2008 more companies are relying on a recruitment agencies, job search websites or industry specific career companies to fill their openings. Which leaves the question, which is the best source to use to find your next career?

Advantages and disadvantages of using a recruitment agency:

Recruitment agencies look for suitable candidates for vacant positions with one or more companies. When a recruiter has found a potential candidate then he/she will screen the resume and if there is a potential match between the candidate’s profile and the job description, the recruiter will plan an interview to discuss the skills and needs of the candidate. If this interview is successful, the candidate can be invited to an interview with the client.

Recruitment agencies are a good choice for candidates that are seeking a career that may not be readily available to the general public. The recruiter will do the upfront work in helping you find and secure a position in your desired field. Since companies pay recruiting agencies a hefty fee to find candidates for open positions they usually are in urgent need of an employee to fill that position, which helps your chances of securing the opportunity. The con of using a recruitment agency is the hefty fee that the recruiting company receives is usually paid from a percentage of your proposed salary, which negatively effects your overall benefits package and pay structure.

Should you use a job search website?

Using job search website companies such as Indeed and Craigslist is a good place to start looking for employment, but much more difficult to find a career. The benefits of using these types of job listing websites is that companies from every industry and position list their occupational opportunities on these sites, which will give you a plethora of options for a job choice. These services are also free to the job seeker and once you find a position you will not have to pay a portion of your salary to the job listing website like you with a recruiting agency.


However, if you are looking to find a career that has much more growth potential rather than just finding a short term job, it is very difficult to accomplish this through a job search website due to their limitations. Most companies are not posting high paying jobs on these websites since they are looking for top end talent to fill their high paying positions. The time it will take for a company to find and fully interview a candidate through these forums will not meet their hiring timeline. When a company has a need to fill a higher paying position they usually need to fill that position immediately and don’t have the time to sift through candidates to find a top performer.


Also, if a company actually posts a higher paying position that can turn into a career there are thousands of other candidates competing for the same position. This saturation of candidates will reduce your personal value to the company as a potential employee. Additionally, you may also never receive the opportunity due to your resume and cover letter being buried with the hundreds of other applicants fighting for the same position. 

Why select an industry specific company to find career opportunities:


As mentioned before, recruitment agencies and job boards both have positive and negative aspects when searching for a career path and are the main two ways most job seekers look for potential opportunities. However, there is a third option when searching for your career path and that is to find a industry specific career company for the industry you are looking to serve. These companies have several benefits while traveling on your journey searching for a rewarding and purposeful career.

Finding your career through an industry specific career company is free of charge for candidates due to companies paying a fixed fee to the industry specific company rather than a percentage of your future salary. Recruitment Agencies are working on request and are paid by their clients (other companies), which will reduce your salary benefit. Therefore, there are no costs for you as a candidate if you use an industry specific career company.

These companies also have an excellent knowledge of the job market. They know which companies and positions have positive opportunities for people with your expertise and education. They also have a large network of resources in your industry. Therefore, they are able to help you find and gain access to opportunity at companies at a much faster rate.


Additionally, Industry specific employment companies have access to jobs that potential job seekers are not aware of.  Their experience building years of partnerships with clients and companies will give them prior knowledge of career opportunity’s before the general market is aware they are available.  


Finally, companies that are looking talented individuals to fill their hiring needs only select a recruiting agency or industry specific employment company to fill these positions if they have much urgency to fill their position.  Thus, giving you a stronger negotiating position for the opportunity.


In conclusion, finding a positive career path can be a very difficult with several roadblocks on your journey. It is easier to find a job rather than a career, but you likely will be back in the market looking for employment if you don’t find a suitable option. Though it may be easier to go to a job posting website to find jobs, you should seek out a industry specific career company to find a true position that will help you grow in your personal and professional life.


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