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Kansas Outside Sales Jobs in Home Improvement

Sometimes sales jobs get a bad rap. Many think that all sales positions involve canvassing or telemarketing calls to unsuspecting customers. While these positions do exist in some companies, not all sales jobs involve these practices. When researching companies, it’s important to understand the expectation of lead generation, what territory is covered and what their pay structure looks like. There are companies out there looking for sales representatives, from Kansas City to Wichita, in the home improvement industry.


Remote Sales Jobs in Kansas

If you are looking for an opportunity in outside sales, the home improvement industry is a great place to start a career and thrive. ProFinder USA works with some of the biggest companies in home improvement. Whether customers need to find handyman service providers, residential remodelers, or replacement contractors, sales representatives are needed to connect homeowners with the right companies for the job. Sales reps are currently needed in Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita. Not only that, sales reps are given quality leads that have already been scheduled for them.


Become an In-Home Design Consultant in Kansas

As a home improvement sales rep for these companies, your job is more than just selling services and closing deals. It is all about helping homeowners in Kansas find the services they need to make their home exactly what they want. Sales representatives have the ability to help customers find energy-saving products for their home, put the finishing touches on their new remodel, and everything in between. Customers from Topeka to Kansas City are looking for a home design consultant to help them make their dream home a reality. Here are the current home improvement sales positions available in Kansas: