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Louisiana Home Improvement Outside Sales Jobs

Many think that the average sales job involves making cold calls or canvassing a specific territory. But, that just isn’t the case all of the time. There are companies out there that will give you the training and leads you need to succeed in the Louisiana market. If you have been in sales in the past, you know that there are differentiating factors. Will you be coming up with leads on your own, or will they be provided for you? Will you receive a base salary, or will you be strictly commission-based? Will you be covering an exclusive territory, like New Orleans or Baton Rouge, and what is the competition in the area?


Best Remote Sales Jobs in Louisiana

ProFinder USA works with well-respected home improvement companies, including handyman service providers, replacement contractors, and residential remodelers. These companies are always searching for sales representatives to go out into the market and connect them with the customers who need their services. The good news for you is they are looking for sales representatives in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Shreveport. Not only that, you will be provided with quality leads, no more cold calls or door-to-door sales.


Sales and In-Home Design Consultants in Louisiana

How would you like to have “in-home design consultant” in your job description? Well, that is basically what home improvement sales representatives do for customers. From helping create the perfect addition to someone’s home, to finding energy-saving products to help them save money and energy, sales reps across the country are helping homeowners make their homes more energy efficient and beautiful. These home design consultants are needed from Lafayette to Shreveport, and across the state of Louisiana. Here are the current home improvement sales positions available in Louisiana: