Managing Your Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Required Information Employee Benefits are a crucial part of any organization. For this reason, being knowledgeable about the changes in employee benefit requirements is extremely important for all hiring managers and human resources professionals. The benefits your company offers, or in many cases does not offer, can many times be the deciding factor in a candidate’s decision to accept or reject your offer for employment.

By law, your company must provide specific types of employee benefits in addition to those you may offer as optional benefits. We’re going to touch on several types of employee benefits, those required by law to be provided for all employees as well as optional benefits.

Social Security Taxes:

UI: Unemployment Insurance:

  • By law, your organization may be required to pay unemployment insurance taxes. To find out if you are, in fact, required to pay unemployment insurance OR to register your company click the link below for state and local tax regulations and registration.

Workers Comp:

Family & Medical Leave Benefits:

In addition to the required benefits, there are many benefits to your organization for providing optional employee benefits. These benefits include help in recruiting new employees, employee retention, reductions in employee absences and more. Be sure that, at a minimum, your company is providing employees with state and federally mandated benefits.