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Massachusetts Outside Sales Jobs in Home Improvement

When people think of words that are associated with the word “sales,” oftentimes they are negative. Words like “cold calls,” telemarketing,” and “door-to-door salesman,” often get thrown around. Sometimes sales jobs are also associated with other negative emotions like distrust. But, if you have been in sales, you now that this can be an unfair stereotype. There are reputable companies with trustworthy sales reps who are generally trying to make life better for their customers. What if you could work for one of these companies and have leads already set up for you? If you were provided with all of the tools and knowledge necessary to close a sale, do you think you could walk in, help a customer, and close the deal? From Boston to Springfield, motivated sales reps are needed in the home improvement industry.


Remote Sales Jobs in Massachusetts

Outside sales representatives are needed in the home improvement industry from Boston to Springfield. ProFinder USA works with the largest and most reputable home improvement companies in Massachusetts, including handyman service providers, residential remodelers, and replacement contractors. These companies are looking for sales people to connect them with homeowners who are ready to transform their home. These are not your average sales jobs. No cold calls. No canvassing. Leads will be scheduled for you, and all you have to do is go make the sale.


Home Improvement Sales and Design Consultants in Massachusetts

Remote sales jobs in the home improvement industry offer sales representatives a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of customers, while making sales and furthering their career at the same time. Homeowners are looking for sales representatives to be more like an in-home design consultant. They need someone to come in, assess their needs, and then go and find the company that can best meet those needs. One day you could be helping someone find the perfect contractor for their remodel, and the next day you could be helping a senior find handicap-accessible products to make their home a safer place to live. In Massachusetts, there are sales jobs available now in Boston and Springfield. Here are the current home improvement sales positions available in Massachusetts: