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In Home Sales

Work in Home Improvement Sales Across Michigan

Have you avoided taking a sales job because you think you will be making cold calls or become a door-to-door salesman? Or, does the thought of having a commission-based job make you uneasy? Sales jobs vary widely and some are much better than others. Is there a base salary, or a draw? Will you have defined territory, like Detroit or Grand Rapids, where others sales reps are competing for the same business? There are good companies out there that break the mold and prove that the stigmas around working in sales are not always true.


Michigan’s Best Remote Sales Jobs

If you are looking for an outside sales job in Michigan, the home improvement industry offers great opportunities to work for companies who go about the sales process in a unique way. ProFinder USA works with many of these reputable home improvement companies, including handyman service providers, residential remodelers and replacement contractors. The good news is these companies are currently in need of sales reps, whether it is in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, or Lansing. These positions don’t require sales reps to make cold calls or go door to door. Instead, quality leads will be scheduled for you. Your job is to take that lead and make the sale.


Become An In-Home Design Consultant To Michigan Homeowners

Homeowners are out there searching for reputable companies to help them complete their dream home. That’s where you come in. As a sales representative for home improvement companies, you are not only the liaison between the company and their potential customers; you are an in-home design consultant who will help customers find solutions for their home. From remodels to window replacements, sales reps are there to facilitate a seamless home improvement project. Across Michigan in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint and Lansing, sales professionals are helping homeowners create the home of their dreams. Here are the current home improvement sales positions available in Michigan: