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Oregon Sales Jobs In The Home Improvement Industry

Many of the sales job postings online talk about earning potential, but you don’t find too many that actually go into detail about how the company is going to support the sales representative. You may sign on seeing dollar signs, but then you get left to fend for yourself without the tools or training you need to be successful. Will you have to start from scratch and find your own leads? Will you have an exclusive territory to cover, like Portland or Eugene, or will you be working around overlapping reps vying for the same business? Will you have to solely depend on commission, or will you receive a base salary?


Find The Best Outside Sales Jobs in Oregon

There are outside sales positions in the home improvement industry that offer sales representatives the opportunity to make a difference in their community by helping homeowners. Not only that, the industry offers a great potential to earn money. ProFinder USA works with the largest home improvement companies, including replacement contractors, handyman service providers, and residential remodelers. These companies are searching for highly motivated sales representatives to join their team and help connect them with the customers who need their services. Sales representatives are needed all over Oregon in places like Portland, Eugene, and Bend. Sales reps are provided with leads, and all they have to do is close the deal. Simple as that. No cold calls. No door-to-door sales.


Become a Home Improvement In-Home Design Consultant in Oregon

Most people would say that they want to find a job that is rewarding, both financially, emotionally, and professionally. Believe it or not, there are sales jobs out there that can be. As a sales rep in the home improvement industry, your job is to help customers make the best decision for their home, not just close deals. Sales representatives are more like in-home design consultants than salespeople. Whether you are helping an elderly person find handicap accessible products to make their home safer, or helping someone fix their roof after a storm, you are making a difference in the lives of homeowners. From Portland to Bend, companies are looking for sales reps to guide customers on their home improvement journey. Here are the current home improvement sales positions available in Oregon: