The Art of Being Coachable

By Ron Jumper

It happens time and time again… 

You are so focused during the interview process of proving you are the best candidate for the job that you forget to demonstrate something equally as important: Being Coachable.

On the other side of the coin, hiring managers are often so focused hiring the most skilled or most talented candidate that they forget to factor in whether or not the candidate will “buy in” to the company’s methodologies and culture.

This is where mistakes are made, the right candidate doesn’t properly communicate their capabilities and the hiring manager has a poor process of deciphering which candidate would the right fit specifically for their organization.

We’ve all seen (or likely have seen) this list below at some point, I did not make this list. That being said, it still serves as a great reminder. 

10 Things That Require Zero Talent:
1 – Being On Time
2 – Work Ethic
3 – Effort
4 – Body Language
5 – Energy
6 -  Attitude
7 – Passion
8 – Being Coachable
9 – Doing Extra
10 – Being Prepared

While “Being Coachable” is #8 on the list, I would argue most of the other items tie back in to that fundamental premise. It boils down to you demonstrating your willingness to do whatever it takes but also an understanding that you are not a finished product yet and that you are more than willing to put in the time to get there. 

For employers or hiring managers, we’ve all had that smooth talking candidate stroll through that we thought was a “can’t miss” only to be frustrated when they weren’t willing to “roll up their sleeves” once they came onboard. 

All of this ties back to something else fundamental in finding a great fit: Trust.

To show that you are coachable, you also had to show a little vulnerability and brutal honesty in a setting where it is not easy to do so. By having done just that, the right hiring manager will appreciate that and feel comfortable they know exactly what they are getting when they hire you.