All I Want For Xmas Are Leads

By Tony Hoty

Call me back after the holidays! I will get in touch with you after the new year! Talk to me in the spring! These objections are so common at this time of year that they can often drown out the sounds of sleigh bells and Christmas carols. The question is what to do about it. Well, lucky for you, I have the answer.

It’s been said time and time again that people do not change their minds, instead they make new decisions based on new information. If that is true, which I believe it is, we must give consumers some new and relevant information that will help them change their minds about shopping for home improvement at this time of year.

The good news is that we received a little help from Mother Nature. That is right! If you recall, several disastrous hurricanes struck the shores of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico this fall. As a result, an incredible amount of building and construction materials were shipped down south to aid in the relief efforts. These massive amounts of materials along with a large segment of the labor pool will be vacating many parts of the country to focus on the restoration and rebuilding of the areas that were impacted most. 

As a result of this recent phenomenon, many home improvement companies and remodeling contractors are beginning to hear rumors and even receive notifications that large price increases should be expected in early 2018 as many manufactures recalibrate their costs. As the trickledown economics begin, consumers will feel the effects as these price hikes are passed on down the line.

What this means to you, Mr. Consumer, is that if I can get you on the schedule for a free, no obligation estimate before the end of the year, I can get you locked in to our absolute best price before these cost increases skyrocket in 2018. My name is Tony by the way... And your name?

The fact that media has made such a big deal out of the various hurricanes that have devastated our fellow countrymen in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico presents an incredible opportunity to share how the ripple effects of those disasters will affect consumers in your neck of the woods.

Please put this information to good use in your lead generation efforts! Because all I want for Christmas are LEADS!!!


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