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Find Your Career as a Home Improvement Sales Rep in Washington

No two jobs are exactly the same, and when it comes to the sales profession, jobs vary greatly from company to company. The same is true of the individuals who work in sales. Everyone has his or her own sales practices and techniques. To achieve success and feel fulfilled in your job, it’s important to find a company that will help you reach your professional goals. Do you want a desk job or are you more interested in outside sales? Will there be a base salary, or is the job commission-only? Is the sales rep or the company responsible for tracking down leads? Will you have an independent territory, like Seattle or Spokane? Will you have to make cold calls or knock on doors to find leads?


Outside Sales Jobs Available in Washington

Sure, there are many sales jobs for the taking in Washington, but they aren’t created equal. If you are looking for a great opportunity in outside sales and you enjoy helping customers make informed buying decisions, the home improvement industry might be the place for you. ProFinder USA works with the largest and most credible home improvement companies, including replacement contractors, residential remodelers, and handyman service providers. These companies are seeking motivated sales reps to connect them with customers who are in need of their services across Washington from Seattle to Tacoma. These aren’t your typical sales jobs. You won’t see sales reps making cold calls or doing door-to-door sales. Qualified leads are provided, and all you have to do is close the sale.


In-Home Design Consultant for Washington Homeowners

As a sales representative in the home improvement industry, you have to understand that your main job is to help homeowners turn their dream home into a reality. Yes, closing deals and making money is part of the job, but it should not be the only motivating factor. A sales rep is more of an in-home design consultant who is there to connect customers with the companies who will do the best job. Whether it’s replacing windows to create a more energy efficient home, or putting the finishing touches on a bathroom remodel, sales representatives are guiding homeowners through their home improvement projects and making their lives a little easier. Companies across Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane, are looking for motivated sales reps to join their team. Here are the current home improvement sales positions available in Washington: