What to do After the Interview

So you’ve just wrapped up your interview. You’re feeling confident about your initial meeting with the Hiring Manager. You’re excited about the prospect of being the next new hire for a great company you’d be proud to be a part of. You’ve gone over the different routes from home to work and mapped out the best roads and highways to be sure you’re on time for your first day. But......now what? What do you do next? Let us give you some tips on what’s next.

Speaking from our own personal experiences, there’s an extremely thin line between a candidate being pro-active and being a pest. Here are a few tips to help you stay on the positive side of that post-interview line.

What To Do AFTER The Interview:

  • Send a Thank You Note:
    • Whether you choose to send a follow-up email or an actual hand-written note (which we recommend) the important thing here is that you do one or the other. Thanking the hiring manager for their time can go a long way in helping you stand out from other candidates.
  • Follow Instructions:
    • Note: This tip excludes the Thank You note, which nearly 100% of the time is welcomed by hiring managers. If after your initial interview you are told that the company will be interviewing other candidates and making a decision in a couple of weeks you should not call or email until two weeks later. Again, this absolutely excludes the thank you note which should be mailed or emailed within 48 hours of the initial interview.
  • Prepare for the Next Step(s):
    • If you’re feeling good about the initial interview, and if you are aware of a possible follow-up interview, go ahead and prepare. This is a good time to think about any questions you may have prior to the next interview. Many topics may not have come up during the first interview that may play a big role in your acceptance of the position such as:
      • What is the starting salary for this position?
      • What is the normal work week?
      • Have you discussed benefits / retirement / etc. that make up your total compensation package?

It’s true that nobody enjoys the waiting game. The time following your initial interview, especially for a position you’re really interested in, can be tough. Follow these simple steps and we guarantee you’ll leave a positive impression with the hiring manager AND you’ll be ready for that always-important second interview!