Wisconsin In Home Sales Jobs

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Wisconsin’s Home Improvement Sales Jobs

We’ve all seen it… those desperate sales reps across shopping malls, grocery stores, knocking on your door, or on the other end of the telephone line. Maybe you have been one of those sales men or women, just trying to make a living. The good news is you can have a successful career in sales without having to “sell” your soul. A good practice when seeking a job in sales is to do some research and make sure you have all the facts. Does the company offer a base salary, or a draw? Will you be competing with other sales reps over the same territory, say Milwaukee or Green Bay? How will you find sales leads?


Best Outside Sales Jobs in Wisconsin

Does helping homeowners make important decisions about the products and services they buy motivate you? Your future career in the sales is waiting for you in the home improvement industry. ProFinder USA works with some of the top home improvement companies in Wisconsin. Replacement contractors, handyman service providers, and residential remodelers are currently seeking sales representatives in Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Madison. These aren’t your average sales jobs. You will never have to make cold calls or knock on doors to drum up business. Companies will have leads scheduled for you, and you get to show up and close the deal.


Become An In-Home Design Consultant To Homeowners in Wisconsin

No one wants to be average. In the home improvement industry, simply closing deals won’t propel your sales career forward. The top sales reps in the industry are not driven by money. Instead, successful sales people are motivated by helping homeowners make the best decisions for their home. Whether it is helping design someone’s dream “man cave,” providing a handicap accessible product to make a home safer for a senior, or just simply making someone’s home more energy efficient with new windows, sales reps are really an in-home design consultant. From Milwaukee to Madison, companies need sales reps to join their team and make a difference in the lives of homeowners across the state of Wisconsin. Here are the current home improvement sales positions available in Wisconsin: